One Year of Pallure

One Year of Pallure

We’ve done it! An entire trip around the sun creating the happiest of hair days. Sharing our love of hair care has been an unpredictable journey to say the least, but it’s proven to all be worth it. We love doing what we do, so that our community can put themselves first. Whether you’ve taken an extra five minutes to wash your hair or tone your blonde locks in this past year, we are beyond honored you chose to do it with us. 

In celebration of a year of Pallure, here are a few of our favorite highlights:

Our first mission: cater all of your hydration needs!

 As our first product launch, we hold the S.O.S (Save Our Strands) line very near and dear to our hearts. This bond-building trio was responsible for putting Pallure on the map and deep conditioning in your self-care routine. We were determined to create a line of products ideal for a variety of hair types and textures so that all could experience the true magic of a happy hair day. 

But we couldn’t stop there!

We envisioned a purple shampoo and conditioner that could rescue all of our besties with brass! This powerful violet pigment is now tried-and-true by our PROs and a staple of blonde hair care. We can all agree, this line isn’t nicknamed the Greatest of All Time for nothing.

In the midst of launching these exciting products, nothing quite compared to putting a face to our name and meeting our community. Getting to know our talented hair artists and influencers was a humbling reminder of our audience and their need for quality care. We hope that every visitor to Pallure HQ recognizes our genuine mission of love, beauty, and transparency.

In this past year, we have come such a long way. What originally started as a team of three, quickly grew to be a team of TEN! We luv that our Pallure fam is ever-changing and always growing! These new team members complete our circle of boss babes that possess both beauty and brains. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for our beloved Pallure Posse :)

We've already entered the TikTok game (@Pallure)...  and that's worth celebrating! Get to know us a lil better and meet our team here.


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And as for our next adventure... introducing our new Color Pigment Refresher Masks! Click here to dip your strands into something new ;)



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