Hairstyle Trends to Try this Fall

Hairstyle Trends to Try this Fall

Happy Fall besties! Let's get inspired together and usher in a new era of rainy days, pumpkin spice lattes, and cozy sweaters! If you're looking to switch up your sun-soaked strands for the new season, look no further :) We've forecasted the latest hairstyle trends to add to your fall look-book! Feel free to add any of these styles to your fall mood board or snap a screenshot and bring it straight to your salon! We can't wait to see your new do, babe ;)

Here are a few of our fav fall hairstyle trends:


Pigtails are officially back! But not the way you wore them as a kid. Pigtails are now channeling femininity and practicality this fall! Want a new and fun way to pull your hair back that's not a ponytail or bun? Give pigtails a try and you just might find your new fav pre-wash day style!


Mid-length + Layers

Rachel Greene will forever be our 90's hair inspo! This chic mid-length cut with long layers is flattering on just about anyone! If you're going through that awkward phase of growing your hair out, I promise this is the perfect medium :) Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!



If you're sick of standard front bangs and want to spice up your look with an edgier flare, microbangs are your new go-to! Would we recommend impulsively cutting them yourself after watching a quick Tiktok tutorial? Probably not... but once these bangs are cut professionally and tailored to your face shape, you will fall in LUV <3


French Bob

The big chop always feels a little daunting, but a French bob is the perfect way to still feel romantic and feminine! We're seeing so many short haircuts become popular this season, but the French bob is a hairstyle we predict will be trending all year round. P.S. Do yourself a favor and pair this cut with a matte red lip ;)


Goddess braids are for the ethereal girlies who want to leave the house feeling put-together *without putting in all the hard work. Not only are they a protective style for your hair, they're the perfect opportunity to let your hair grow in the meantime! We luv a hairstyle that's gorgeous and low-maintenance!


Copper Locks

Copper locks are all the rage! If you haven't witnessed this trend already, just know copper is here to stay! Both on and off the runway, countless celebrities and influencers have been experimenting with red-toned hair through an assortment of different shades and textures. It appears to be universally flattering! Why not have a little fun and find your perfect shade ;)



Similar to what we've seen during spring and summer, the shag remains a staple hair trend! In contrast, the shag cut is a bit rough around the edges. Ideal for the girlies that prefer to tousle-and-go! And there's no wrong way to achieve a shag, it's entirely up to you the amount of fringe, the texture, and the length of your cut! So be bold and make a statement with your own messy masterpiece! 


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Faith @ Pallure