5 Films to Watch this Fall

5 Films to Watch this Fall


    It wouldn't be officially fall without Coraline, the story of a young girl who discovers an alternate world that is strikingly similar to her normal life-- but better. Though it may seem this parallel universe grants her every wish, this new world may prove too good to be true. Coraline is dark, suspenseful, and eerie, yet the perfect comfort movie for the cold autumn months. 

    Practical Magic

      In a world of magic, witch sisters Sally and Gillian, share the same upbringing but wildly different personalities. While Gillian leaves their small town to explore a world beyond their eccentric family, Sally stays behind and swears off the use of her magic-- unless practical. In adulthood, the two sisters are reunited to break a curse that prevents them from finding their common desire: true & everlasting love. Visually stunning and at times a little cheesy, Practical Magic is a movie you'll find yourself rewatching over and over for the same warm feeling. 

      Knives Out

        Knives Out is a contemporary whodunnit film which follows the Thrombey family, a dysfunctional bunch that discovers their loving patriarch murdered. Detective Benoit Blanc takes the case to investigate every family member, each with their own hidden motives and inconsistencies. One hint: They're all a suspect. If you're a lover of true crime or avid "Clue" player, this movie is a love letter to you!

        When Harry Met Sally

          As the mother to all romantic comedies, When Harry Met Sally is the original blueprint to all your favorite romance tropes. From enemies to friends, then friends to lovers, Harry & Sally share an undeniable bond that surpasses a decades' worth of bad impressions and never-ending arguments. Though their story is an unpredictable journey, it's a love we can all relate to. 

          If Beale Street Could Talk

            Based on the beloved James Baldwin's 1974 novel, this film follows Tish and Fonny, childhood friends who have grown up together on the rich streets of Harlem. Though faced with rampant oppression, the couple dreams of a future where their love lives on. If Beale Street Could Talk is a beautiful adaptation of it's classic literature and a testament to the resilience of love. 


            We can't wait to hear what you think of our fav fall films, bestie! We hope you take a moment to rest, enjoy these films, and grow to love them just as much as we do ;) <3



            Faith @ Pallure