2000s TV Hairstyles We Loved

2000s TV Hairstyles We Loved

The 2000s was such an iconic time for the hair world. Colorful streaks, exciting up do's, and silky smooth long hair was all the rage. Here are some iconic 2000s hairstyles we miss from our fave 2000s TV shows and movies.


Cher with bad hair?  AS IF! She showed us her blonde beautiful locks in Clueless and made the movie unforgettable.


Tia & Tamara- Sister, Sister

This dynamic duo showed off their natural curls in the 90s sitcom and we love love loved every minute of it <3 

Miranda Priestly- The Devil Wears Prada

The legend Miranda Priestly served Ice Queen looks while being the Ice Queen of the fashion world in the iconic film.

Gabriela Montez- High School Musical

T as in Troy? No T as in totally cute hair. Miss Montez gave us the cutest hair looks in the HSM trilogy and even added cute accessories. We are such a fan of her dark gorgeous hair.

London Tipton, The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody

The heiress gave us some memorable looks throughout the Disney show that were 2000s staples.

Aquamarine- Aquamarine

Ariel wasn't the only mermaid we loved, Aquamarine had the cutest blue streaks in her hair that I couldn't even focus on her talking starfish earrings.

Lizzie- Lizze Mcguire 

Teenage dream Lizzie gave us the cool-girl hair that we still want to incorporate into our looks to this day. <3 

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