Hairstyle Trends to Try this Spring

Hairstyle Trends to Try this Spring

The essence of Spring is about blossoming into a new creation. We’re seeing more playful accessories, bold colors/cuts, and a revival of hairstyles worn from decades ago. This season is all about daring to try something different with your look and taking your strands back in time! Whether you’re looking to start fresh with a new cut or experiment with a few chic hairstyles, look no further! We’ve got you covered babe ;) 

Here are a few of our favorite Spring 2022 Hairstyle Trends:


 Curtain bangs, Micro bangs, Birkin bangs, you name it! Bangs are timeless. They have the ability to accentuate just about any face shape and look even better paired with long layers.



Adorning your hair with ribbons is a newer trend I LUV! It’s classic, elegant, and adds a subtle note of femininity to any look.



This season, braids are all the rage! You can be sure that pigtails, microbraids, box braids, etc. will be sure to make an appearance throughout spring and summer.



Clips are the perfect accessory for all the Y2k girlies. Butterfly clips, claw clips, and barrettes are all making a comeback! It’s the perfect way to keep your hair out of your face while adding a lil extra glam to your outfit. We owe it all to you Lizzie Maguire!



If you’re looking to embrace your hair’s natural texture, the shag can be achieved on a variety of hair types and textures to achieve an edgier, voluminous look! If you want a more subtle change, try adding some fringe or extra layers to the cut you have now, you’ll love how well layers can instantly change your face.


Space Buns

We couldn’t possibly leave out space buns! They’re playful, chic, and the best way to hide hair in desperate need of a wash day! If you’re constantly on the go, space buns just might be your go-to.


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Faith @ Pallure