Our Story

We are on a mission to create more happy days and we believe happy days start with how you feel on the inside and out. We believe that self-care is the very first step to helping you have more happy days - for you and those around you. Everyone’s self-care routine looks a little different. But, when it comes to the haircare part - it’s often overlooked. At Pallure we believe that when your crown is treated like royalty, you’ll feel good and those around you will feel good, too. That’s why we created Pallure. Even on your messy bun off-days or in between visits with your ride or die Hairapist, we want you to have a great (and happy) hair day, everyday.

Our Products

Created, Tested, Loved & Backed by PROs

We make haircare optimized for your home haircare routine that is created, tested, used, and backed by professionals. Our products go through multiple rounds of testing with our group of professional stylists to ensure that they feel confident sending you off with our products for your home maintenance. So your tresses are loved and cared for until your next service.

Meet Our PROs

Pallure Product Development

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Our Transparency Mission

We believe in being 100% transparent about the ingredients in our products and educating our community about them. That's why we created our Ingredient Glossary - we want you to know what is and is not in your haircare lineup - and why!

Our Ingredient Glossary