Meet Our Team

Meet the posse behind Pallure that brings you the latest and greatest in all things haircare.

Irene Andres

Artist Relations Coordinator 

Hi I'm Irene and I am part of the team that takes care of our Artists here at Pallure. The best part of my job is getting to see such unique works of art on a daily basis, I especially love bright and vivid creations! In my free time, I love shopping online for makeup and clothing (I always try to support smaller businesses whenever possible) and I enjoy going out to eat Mexican food and spending time with friends and family.

Must-have Beauty Product In My Travel Bag: Eyeliner and lipstick

My Zodiac Sign & What It Says About Me: I am a Cancer-Cusp sign which means I have Cancer and Gemini qualities; the Gemini side is intellectual, articulate, curious and youthful while my Cancer side is nurturing, self-protective and pro-active.

Brittany Bradybaugh

Artist Relations Coordinator & Customer Support

Hi, I’m Brittany! I love coming to work and bragging about our wonderful hair products. I’m obsessed! We definitely reign supreme as far as I’m concerned. When I’m not here in my work zone, I’m living my best life raising my two beautiful daughters. My teenager is a very bright student and talented athlete and my youngest is a firecracker who would play at any park 24/7 if humanly possible. They keep me busy. I am a fan of the cooler months. Nothing like building a nice fire and sipping a hot cup of coffee or a tall glass of wine. I look forward to going to the movies, trying new foods and restaurants, and well deserved quiet time at home is a must sometimes!

Must-have Beauty Product In My Travel Bag: My Make up must have is a hydrating lip gloss

My Zodiac Sign & What It Says About Me: I am a Libra. Described to be Clever, Diplomatic, Charismatic, and objective.

Melody Kole

Artist Relations Coordinator

Hi, I’m Melody! I am one of the people commenting on posts and answering DM’s on Pallure’s Instagram ♡ I really love being able to witness creativity from hairstylists on a daily basis! When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending my time either creating content for my own Instagram, watching Survivor, or traveling :)

Must-have Beauty Product In My Travel Bag: Eyebrow pencil, since it also doubles as eyeliner

My Zodiac Sign & What It Says About Me: I’m a Virgo which means I am logical, practical, and systematic in my approach to life… hmm, yeah, sounds about right!

Annie Chung

Senior Account Manager

Hi There! I am your personal account manager, for everything and anything you may need. I am chill and down to earth.I eat healthy weekdays and junk all weekend. Everyone needs cheat days. I am all for that!  I am a family girl at heart. I spend my free time with my family and staying busy with my two girls. We are always looking for something new to try, as long as it's not a roller coaster, I'm all in! Quiet time is the best time but having toddlers, it's not realistic. I enjoy it when I can.

Must-have Beauty Product In My Travel Bag: Lip balm is a must! 

My Zodiac Sign & What It Says About Me: I am a Virgo. Humble, kind, and sympathetic. Self sufficient , perfectionist, realistic, blunt. That's me, take it or leave it. 

Teena Ho

Social Media Marketing Supervisor

Hi! I do a little bit of everything here at Pallure such as influencer relations, content creating + publishing, and product testing! I am an artist so I try to be creative any chance I get! I love to make tutorials and TikTok videos in my free time. :)

Must-have Beauty Product In My Travel Bag: Lip gloss!

My Zodiac Sign & What It Says About Me: I'm an Aries and I am described to be bright, passionate, spontaneous, and ambitious!

Kael Jeong

Creative Designer

Hi, I'm Kael! I am everyone on the team’s right-hand Creative Designer and work with copywriters and creative directors to produce the final design. I'd describe myself as a Cutie Sexy Prince. It is really hard to be cute & sexy at the same time, but I am both.

Must-have Beauty Product In My Travel Bag: I always keep a bottle of my S.O.S oil, it detangles my hair curly hair while making it look shiny.

My Zodiac Sign & What It Says About Me: I’m a Capricorn and I’m enthusiastic about life!