5 Things to Know About the Color Pigment Refresher Masks

5 Things to Know About the Color Pigment Refresher Masks
With spring and summer right around the corner, everyone is ready for a change in weather, wardrobe and hair. Salons are typically busy around this time with clients ready to go lighter for those dreamy sun kissed tresses.
Although we live for those beyond beautiful blondie strands, our new line is arriving right on time to make sure this summer doesn’t miss a color. 
The new Color Pigment Refresher Masks are semi-permanent temporary color masks that were made with stylists and clients in mind. These masks are the perfect solution for fading color in between appointments or when you’re craving a colorful change. Lucky for you, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about our newest bestie to the Pallure Posse. 


The Color Pigment Refresher Masks were created by combining thoughtful ingredients that never lack intention. 

Two of the most active ingredients in these masks are quinoa and sweet almond oil. These superfoods are packed with nutrients and proteins that will keep your hair feeling and looking healthy while also maintaining your hair’s color. 

The hydrolyzed quinoa is a protein that aids color retention along with conditioning your stunning strands while protecting them from any damage that may come their way. The sweet almond oil is filled with many vitamins, proteins and minerals that are sure to keep your tresses feeling pampered and your scalp feeling like it’s on vacation. 


Not only are these masks both nourishing and hydrating, but they were also designed to add a gorgeous temporary color to your hair.

These masks come in five amazing colors: Fiery Red, Jet Black, Vibrant Pink, Smokey Blue, and Chocolate Brown. 

Although these colors work best on blondes, our dark haired ladies can use our Chocolate Brown and Jet Black shades to refresh their existing color. 


Have a unique color or want to create something all your own? You’re in luck because these colors are mixable! 

These colors blend together seamlessly to create colors that are as unique as you are. Some of our favorite creations are the Chocolate Brown with a touch of Vibrant Pink along with our Fiery Red and a spoonful of the Smokey Blue. 

If you are looking to mix your masks be sure to be thorough and to ensure the colors have fully mixed together. This will help prevent your color from turning up patchy and will help ensure that your hair processes flawlessly. 

Feel free to experiment with these masks! These colors are fun and the creativity is endless. 


 (From left to right: Cherry Clouds 3/4 Fiery Red to Vibrant Pink, Caramel Apple Tree Fiery Red to Chocolate Brown 3/4, Blueberry Sunset 1/2 Fiery Red to Smokey Blue, Chocolate Covered Strawberry 3/4 Chocolate Brown and Vibrant Pink ) 


Not only can you mix these masks together to create the most beautiful and unique colors, but you can also mix these masks with the S.O.S. Deep Conditioner for an extra boost of hydration. 

If your strands are looking a bit parched, then this is the application method for you. 

We recommend starting with the S.O.S. Hydrating Shampoo, so your locks are as hydrated and cleansed as possible prior to application. Then, you’ll mix your chosen mask with the S.O.S. Deep Conditioner thoroughly and evenly before applying it evenly throughout your hair. We also recommend starting with the healthiest and most porous part of your hair and then working down to your ends. 

Depending on how intense you want the color to develop, you can wait between five and 20 minutes before rising with cool water. 

After rinsing, feel free to dry and style your revamped locks. Don’t worry. We won’t judge if you stare at yourself longer than normal. 


(From left to right: Laughing at Lilacs 3/4 Smokey Blue to Vibrant Pink, Pocket Full of Posies 3/4 Vibrant Pink to Smokey Blue, Collected Carnations 4/5 Vibrant Pink to Smokey Blue, Overnight Orchids 1/2 Smokey Blue to Vibrant Pink ) 


Hair staining? Never heard of her. 

When creating these masks, we knew that staining was not an option. We want to keep your hair color even and your strands healthy. Therefore, these color masks last up to two weeks without reapplication depending on how often you wash your hair. 

These masks were made with color refreshing in mind, so feel free to reapply the mask as often as you’d like. 

These masks can refresh your chocolatey strands or midnight locks, or they can add a fun pop of color to your blonde tresses. Not only are they amazing for color, but the ingredients within are the best boost of love for your locks. 

Not convinced of the mask magic? Shop the drop!