The Secret Power of the S.O.S. Transparent Oil

The Secret Power of the S.O.S. Transparent Oil

Our S.O.S. Transparent Oil is known for its amazing smell, effortless shine, and lightweight formula. However, there is more to this magic serum than what meets the eye. 

The color-friendly formula has ingredients that create a protective barrier around the hair strand and cuticle. The two main protective ingredients, Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone, work together to protect the hair against frizz and tangling. However, this oil can also be used to help protect the hair from the ultimate damage villain - heat. 

Although the S.O.S. Transparent Oil is not a heat protectant itself, it can be used to create an extra layer of protection from heat brought on by hot tools using non-toxic silicones found in Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone. 


Pallure PRO, Brooke Clark (@brookethestylust), is a firm believer in implementing a heat protectant into your everyday hair care routine. 

“Heat protectants are a must,” said Brooke. “I use a heat protectant every time I use heat. I usually ask clients to keep hot tools low and limit them to two times between washes.”

The S.O.S. oil can be used on damp or dry hair depending on the need. We typically recommend using the oil post-shower if you are looking for a hydration boost, or it can be used after styling to ensure shine and smooth the hair. 

However, Brooke prefers to use the oil before and after she styles hair. 

“I use the S.O.S. Oil before heat styling and then again to polish off any style. It smooths and tames ends leaving hair soft and shiny,” said Brooke. “I am a firm believer in using this type of product as an extra layer to protect from heat and make combing or styling a little easier.” 

The Transparent S.O.S. Oil is just as described. It is weightless and as transparent as the ingredients used to create its diversity. 

You can rest assured that next time you use this product, you are adding more to your strands than just the shine.


Lexi Teny