Get To Know Us

Get To Know Us

Hi, it's nice to meet you! We're Pallure, where beauty meets self-care.

Everyday should be a great hair day and we believe in always being transparent about the ingredients in our products and educating our community about them. 

Even on your messy bun off-days or in between visits with your ride or die Hairapist, we want you to have a great (and happy) hair day, everyday. 

We love getting to know you, now get to know our S.O.S line (no relation to the Jonas Brothers song, sry)

Meet Our Products:


S.O.S Save Our Strands Hydrating Shampoo

For all hair types that are looking for an extra boost of hydration, I'm the shampoo for you. I'm filled with Argan and Avocado Oil, and can cleanse and hydrate your mane the right way. Not to mention, I'm cruelty free and vegan.

S.O.S Save Our Strands Deep Conditioner

I'm that deep cleanse you've been craving. I'm perfect for you if you've recently lightened your hair or you've been embracing your natural hair color since '94 and enjoy using heat tools. I'm the strengthening conditioner that will give your freshly cleansed tresses the ultimate strength, health, and shine. I'll give us a bond you can't break, no matter how many times you dye or use heat on your hair. 

S.O.S Save Our Shine Transparent Hair Oil

I'm transparent, so I'm telling the truth. I limit frizz, add shine, and I smell as amazing as I look. What more could you want?

Our S.O.S line was formulated to help your hairs cry for help. See on your next wash day!