How Much Should You Really Be Washing Your Hair?

How Much Should You Really Be Washing Your Hair?

It's typical to wonder how many times a week you should be washing your hair. Every week seems like it could be a different case depending on your hair type and hair needs. Here are some factors that play into how much you should be really washing your hair:

1. Hair Type 

Your hair type is an important factor of how many times a week you should be rinsing your locks. Each type and texture deserves different types of hair care. Thicker hair care can go longer with not much washing and thinner hair can't go that long without a rinse. Dry hair types an get away with two times a week while oily hair might need a little attention more attention like 3-4 times a week.

2. Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is also an important factor of how many times you should be washing your hair. If you're active multiples times a week and find your hair and scalp getting sweaty and oily, you should be washing your hair more than the average to prevent your scalp from getting its pores clogged. 


So how often should I wash my hair?

Once every 3 days is the average and go-to. If that seems like too little, there are ways to train your hair to get a bit more used to going longer without washing as frequently. 


How To Train Your Hair:

1. Wash your hair less

That means up-do's and dry shampoo has to be your new bestie. Try to out do yourself every week to go one more day without washing, and your hair will begin to train itself to rely on its natural hair oils throughout the day.

2. Wear your hair natural

Stay away from over styling or putting too much product in your hair all at once. Those two factors can definitely add to any extra oil you have going on, so on your off days have your hair take the day off too.


Haircare is self care, babe. See you on your next wash day!




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