5 Things You Need To Know About The G.O.A.T Line

5 Things You Need To Know About The G.O.A.T Line
If you're a blondie, you'll know that it takes a lot more work than one session in the chair of your favorite hairapist. It takes a lot of home maintenance and a reaalllyyy good violet-pigmented shampoo to keep locking in that just-got-my-hair-done feeling. That's why we created our Greatest Of All Tones (G.O.A.T) Line, because like you, we thrive off of a bright and happy blonde 😉

Here's everything you need to know about our latest violet drop⚡💜

It packs a powerful purple punch

Hey now, hey now this is what violet dreams are made of!!! Almost every blondies fear in between appointments is their color looking dull. We packed our G.O.A.T line with a strong violet color so that weather you're shampooing or conditioning, a blah-blonde is never a concern. 

g.o.a.t product

We spent over 3 years developing and testing the formula

We put a lot of love and care into this formula with the help of our amazing pro team. It was developed using thoughtful ingredients and we took everyone's, pros and consumers, opinion into consideration. 

It's tested and backed by Ash Blonde PRO, Sammi Wang.

Sammi is the owner of Posh Studio Bar in Los Angeles and has been in the industry for 26+ years. She's a queen of many talents and most well known for her ashy blonde transformations. During our product development testing phase, we went through endless samples (no, seriously, endless!!) with Sammi to nail the formula and fragrance so that she felt confident to use it behind the chair and for her clients to take it home.

Get to know Sammi more.

It's made of Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil AND Hemp Seed Oil

When we say it's packed with a punch, we mean it! Toning those blonde locks of yours can be tough esp on your scalp and strands. That's why we formulated this powerful violet blend with Argan, Sweet Almond and Hemp Seed Oil - all three have healing, vitamin infusing, and nourishing powers. 

You can read more about them in our Ingredient Glossary.

It smells REALLY good 😊

Think of a floral and fruity escape and that's exactly what you'll get with our G.O.A.T Line. Your scalp will experience a scent smoothie of orange, bergamot & almond flower top notes, coconut, shea butter, Tonka and grass middle notes and fruit/woody base notes - YUM!!!

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