How To Take Care Of Your Hair During The Summer

How To Take Care Of Your Hair During The Summer

It's summertime!! Which means sunny days, humid weather, and sweaty scalps (but in a fun way!) Summer is always a fun time but can also be damaging to some hair types. Here are some ways you can take care of your strands during those hot summer days.

Start the summer with a trim

Trim those locks of yours up before the heat wave comes to attack your ends. Hot weather can case some serious damaged split ends, and that is NO way to start your Hot Pallure Posse Summer. 

Choose a moisturizing and hydrating shampoo & conditioner duo

Considering all the sweat going on in your scalp you might feel the need to wash your locks more often than normal. In that case, choosing a moisturizing and hydrating shampoo is essential to keep your hair soft and sweet during the summer szn. (Try our S.O.S Hydrating Shampoo and S.O.S Deep Conditioner for the ultimate moisturizing & hydrating duo)

Try out more up do's

If your scalp is sweating, there's a good chance your pretty face is too. To prevent any oil from your skin touching your hair, put your hair in an up do. Ponytail, messy buns. even braids will help not only prevent oil but keep you a lot cooler during those hot days.

Let your hair air dry

Take a break from the blow dryer after your shower. During the hot season your hair is already exposed to a lot of heat and packing it on with a blow dryer will only make it drier. Let your hair air dry after your showers, if you live in a hot enough place chances are the natural weather will dry your wet hair in no time. 
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See you on your next wash day!