The 4 Phases of Pallure Product Development

The 4 Phases of Pallure Product Development

Hi, welcome to the Pallure Posse! A place where haircare lovers and PRO's unite with a shared luv for happy hair days and professional-grade quality products. Today, we're digging a little deeper to share with you the BTS of Pallure's product development lifecycle and what "Backed by PRO's" means to us...

The Making of Pallure

Phase 1: Ideate & Create with Our PRO's

On a journey to make happy hair days happen, our first stop is where we muster up all the brain power and creative juices to conceptualize the products we want to bring to YOU! We go through numerous brainstorming meetings where we review current and future trends in the beauty, salon and self-care space. While we spend our time spitting ideas and seeing what sticks, we ask the artists who know this body of work better than anyone else: the professionals that have spent decades behind the chair perfecting their craft. We listen, we hear what they have to say, what they've loved and hated using when working their magic, what products have elevated the salon experience for them and their clients, and the products they insist on sending their clients home with. 

Phase 2: The Magic of Manufacturing

Once we've collaborated with our group of trusted professionals on a vision, in come our manufacturers. We share with them our ideas for the product (s) or product line and, typically, they'll share with us one of two options:

  1. A benchmark product: this is a formula that they already have in their arsenal that is of similar functionality to what we are requesting.
  2. A brand new formula: this is a formula that they cooked up specifically for the product functionality we are requesting.

Phase 3: Tested by PRO's

This phase is CORE to all of Pallure. With the magic we formulated with our manufacturers, we send our samples off for multiple rounds of testing with our pod of PRO's. They provide us with their own expertise on what does and doesn't actually work in the salon on their clients. Depending on the product's "why" and "who it's for", we will send our samples off to specific professionals who specialize in those areas.

This phase is where the "make or break" happens for our ideas. And, not-so-surprisingly, this phase takes *the longest*. We're talking 1 to 3 years or more of cracking the perfect formula code and, sometimes, we don't! 

Fun fact: our Greatest of All Tones Blonde Shampoo & Blonde Conditioner started going through rounds of PRO testing back in 2019 and the duo finally made it's way into our hands in 2021 after finally being backed in late 2020. Sammi Wang (@sammiiwang), an Ash Blonde Pro who's been in the industry 26+ years, was one of the main PRO's who helped us formulate our pigment-packed line. 

While this journey may be long, we're passionate about making sure our products pass our PRO's test. One of our core values as a brand is: if our products don't pass the PRO test, we know it's time to realign our product development efforts and try something different or new.

Phase 4: Backed by PRO's

This is when we know we've finally made it 😊. After a considerable amount of trial and error, swatching every and feeling every texture, voting passionately on endless fragrances (we take this v seriously at Pallure HQ, lol!) and, most importantly, testing in and out of the washbowl, we've finally made it to a formula confirmed and fully-backed by our PRO's.

From there, the Pallure team can confidently approve and send off the final formula to our manufacturers to then make our "little potion" an artfully packaged, certified and real deal product that is ready for every washbowl and shower shelfie.

Well, there you have it ;) A little glimpse at how we make great haircare happen for our baby brand. We look up to and honor our growing community of PRO's and it's a privilege getting to bring professional grade quality products to life with them. Next time you're in your hairapist's chair, give them our endless thanks and appreciation.

xx till next time,

Your Pallure Pals

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