Meet Our PRO, Alyssa Johnson (@nonahcurls)

Meet Our PRO, Alyssa Johnson (@nonahcurls)

Meet Alyssa Johnson, a 26-year-old licensed hair stylist from Pensacola, FL, specializes in curly hair, offering her unique Nonahcut service. As a PRO Educator, she advocates continuous technique development, having grown in her expertise over the past 5 years.

Alyssa emphasizes the importance of being a constant learner, absorbing information, and evolving in the ever-changing field. Outside the salon, she enjoys relaxing with music, a good book, and sweet chocolate.

Q & A With Alyssa

Get to know Alyssa as she shares her journey of becoming a licensed hairstylist, her rise on social media, and her tips for success.

Fun Facts About Alyssa

Q: What is your full name? Age? Reside in?
A: My name is Alyssa Johnson, I’m 26 years old and I currently live in Pensacola, FL.

Q: When and where were you born? Where have you lived?
A: I was born on June 24th in Torrance, Ca and I was raised here in Pensacola, FL. When I was 17 I moved down to Orlando to go to UCF. At 21 Life was hectic and I needed a change so I moved to LA and stayed there the last 4 years. At 25 Again life got hectic but this time not so much for me, as I needed to be in Pensacola to help my grandparents and through all of that stress I was blessed to be behind the chair again!

Q: What is your zodiac sign?
A: I am a Cancer.

Q: What is your name and nickname?
A: My name is Alyssa, I don't usually go by any other nickname but now in my upper twenties I’ve been able to accept my middle name and go by NonahCurls.

Q: What did you want to be when you grew up?
A: I think I always wanted to help people in some way, I originally went to college for Nursing.

Q: What is your favorite activity or hobby?
A: Going to the beach and relaxing with music or a book.

Q: Favorite candy, treat, or guilty pleasure?
A: Honestly anything sweet, but I love chocolate the most.

Q: What is your favorite self care routine?
A: I love taking walks out in nature and I love washdays for my hair!

    Time At Cosmetology School

    Q: What year did you start Cosmetology School?
    A: I started Cos school in 2017 and graduated the beginning of 2018.

    Q: What was your biggest obstacle and how did you overcome it?
    A: For me it was teaching myself how to properly cut and style textured, curly hair i felt like there wasn’t much taught so i had to learn myself from my own experiences.

    Q: What advice do you have for current cosmetologist students?
    A: I say watch as many videos as you possibly can, especially now with social media being so important compared to what it was just 5 years ago! And ask as many questions as you possibly can, you only go through cosmetology school once, and you won’t have the same access to unlimited knowledge from your teachers. Be the biggest sponge you can during this time!

    Q: Have you continued your education and if yes why do you think it is important?
    A: I have and to be honest with you, the knowledge of hair never ends! There’s an endless amount of classes and techniques to become familiar with and the same thing you learn and do today might not be the same thing that you do next year. It’s important to evolve accordingly and know that the learning and growing never stops!

    Social Media Journey

    Q: How important of a role has social media played in your professional career?
    A: So back in 2018 I was struggling trying to build my books through social media, I would have to physically walk around on a slow day to hand out my business cards. But now things have changed so drastically! I’ve been able to lock in 10 clients this month through social media alone! Highly recommend using social media to book appointments in your area!

    Q: Which platform has been most impactful to you?
    A: Instagram!!! It has always been my go to, I love the aesthetic you can create while also showing off your work. It’s like a catalog of curls I've done!

    Q: What advice do you have for someone starting out as a stylist and trying to get their name out on Social Media?
    A: If you're starting out, make sure to have some models in line to get some content from, Each client can become 1-4 different pieces of content depending on what you want to do. Post and engage as much as you feel comfortable with!

    Life As A Hairstylist

    Q: What's your specialty service you offer? Blonding? Color? Color Correction?
    A: My specialty service is my signature Nonah Cut for curly hair.

    Q: What salon do you work in?
    A: I currently have my own studio #114 at Bloom Luxury Salon Studios in Pensacola, FL.

    Q: What do you find most rewarding about being a stylist?
    A: Being able to relate to my clients by having the same hair as them and understanding the struggles of curls and how hard it is to find a good stylist for us!

    Q: What do you enjoy most about working in your salon?
    A: I love being an independent stylist and having a safe space for my clients to relax in.

    Q: What advice do you have for your fellow stylist, followers, and people you inspire?
    A: Try your best in everything you do, you’ll fail along the way but the key is to keep trying and never give up on yourself.

    The Passion

    Q: Who inspires you?
    A: All curly hair specialists.

    Q: Who is someone you admire, and why?
    A: My clients, I admire their trust in me to give them a fabulous curly cut and style.

    Q: What inspired you to become a hairstylist?
    A: I got a curly cut back in 2017 and was just so frustrated while watching the stylist style my hair. I felt like a foreign object and realized if she could be doing this without knowing my struggle, I certainly could do the same thing- but better!

    A Positive Impact

    Q: What mark or impact do you want to make in this industry?
    A: I would like to encourage representation and education in the curly hair world, both from us curly girls and from others wanting to provide services to our hair.

    Q: What do you love most about this industry?
    A: I love that this industry is always changing and that it helps people feel better about their hair and themselves!

    Q: What legacy do you want to leave behind?
    A: I’d like for curls to become more understood, that they aren’t a trophy piece to add to a service menu but rather curls be completely learned and taught so when the client is sitting in your chair you truly know how to approach their cut and style accordingly. There's no one formula that fits all because curls are all so drastically different.

    Q: Short term goal you would like to achieve?
    A: My short term goal is to offer Mommy and Me classes, to encourage young curly girls to embrace their curls at a young age as well as teach the mom about her own hair and how to care for her child's hair.

    Q: Long term goal. Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?
    A: In the next couple years I really just want to grow in my craft and educate anyone who’s willing to learn about curls!

    Words Of Advice

    Q: What is one thing that you like to share with your followers? One is one piece of advice you can share that will help them grow personally and professionally?
    A: Accept your curls how they are today and how they will be tomorrow. Your curls will change throughout your life, learn to love them in the phase you're currently in! Giving your curls love is the first step to achieving beautiful healthy curls!

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