Meet Our PRO Educator, Delana Veilleux (@thatinkedstylist)

Meet Our PRO Educator, Delana Veilleux (@thatinkedstylist)

Ever wondered the story behind that infectious smile and those incredible styling skills? Meet Delana (@thatinkedstylist), a 25-year-old hairstylist from Southington, CT. Delana loves all things hair but Color Corrections and Balayges have a special place in her heart, her playground for creativity and transformation. As a dedicated PRO Educator, Delana wholeheartedly shares her passion for Pallure haircare and the importance of continuing education.

Her childhood dreams of becoming a doctor or therapist, driven by a desire to help others, evolved into becoming an amazing “hairapist”! She's a firm believer in never giving up on your dreams and encourages everyone to keep pushing forward. When she's not behind the chair creating her stunning crowns, you'll catch her indulging in a self-care day that includes escaping into the world of books and crafting with her Cricut!


Q & A With Delana

Get to know Delana as she shares her journey of becoming a licensed hairstylist, her rise on social media, and her tips for success.

Fun Facts About Delana

Q: What is your full name? Age? Reside in?
A: My full name is Delana Veilleux, I am 25 and from Southington, CT!

Q: When and where were you born? Where have you lived?
A: I was born on June 17th, 1998 and raised in CT.

Q: What is your zodiac sign?
A: I am a Gemini!

Q: What is your name and nickname?
A: I never really had a nickname growing up, but as I got older my friends began to call me “D”.

Q: What did you want to be when you grew up?
A: When I was young I wanted to be a doctor or therapist actually, only because I wanted to help others feel better. Luckily I am doing just that but in a much different way!

Q: What is your favorite activity or hobby?
A: My favorite hobby…this is a tough one because my hobby and passion is my job! I love SFX Makeup and body painting, definitely using my Cricut, and reading.

Q: Favorite candy, treat, or guilty pleasure?
A: Chocolate covered pretzels will always have my heart.

Q: What is your favorite self care routine?
A: I love reading! It’s just about making time for it is my struggle, but once I’m in a book my stress is gone. My mind is so focused on what I’m reading it really helps calm my mind.

    Time At Cosmetology School

    Q: What year did you start Cosmetology School?
    A: January 2019!

    Q: What was your biggest obstacle and how did you overcome it?
    A: Being very hard on myself, a lot of the other students knew more about hair going into cosmetology school. Meanwhile, I didn’t even brush my hair because of my wavy/curly hair. I overcame this mindset by reminding myself this is school. I’m not going to know everything at the beginning, and that’s okay. But I am going to work hard, ask questions, and learn as much as I can at my own speed.

    Q: What advice do you have for current cosmetologist students?
    A: Challenge yourself! Remind yourself, it’s school. You are learning, you aren’t going to be a pro after the first time you do it. Even I learn new tips and tricks 4 years later! If you make a mistake, don’t say, “Oh no, I am not good at this..” Instead say, “Okay this happened, I’m learning, so how do I fix this?” Doing this REALLY helped me.

    Q: Have you continued your education and if yes why do you think it is important?
    A: YES! I can go on and on about this topic, but PLEASE continue your education after school! I never understood the heaviness of those words until I was behind the chair. Accepting the fact you don’t know EVERYTHING after graduating is so important. Acknowledge your weaknesses and work on them. If you don’t like cutting hair, it’s because you are not confident in it. So watch videos, tutorials, follow haircut specialists on Instagram, there is so much to learn in this industry as it is constantly changing, so you gotta be constantly learning the new trends and styles as well. You are the beauty professional for your clients, so you gotta know about the new things they see on social media!

    Social Media Journey

    Q: How important of a role has social media played in your professional career?
    A: EXTREMELY important. I feel like everyone says this and at first I never really understood why until this past year. I started my own business renting a chair, and since then I felt more comfortable posting when and what I wanted to. Expressing ME as a person and not just my work. Doing so helped me connect with so many stylists around the US and with brands! Thanks to social media, I am beyond grateful to have affiliations with Pallure as a Pro Educator, an ambassador for Shark Fin Shears, and earn award nominations!

    Q: Which platform has been most impactful to you?
    A: Definitely Instagram.

    Q: What advice do you have for someone starting out as a stylist and trying to get their name out on Social Media?
    A: Show more of you and who you are. Just like I said above, expressing myself helped me make so many connections. As a stylist, you aren’t just selling your work, you are selling yourself! For example, when a client finds your instagram, letting them see you and your personality makes them more comfortable to book because they aren’t going in blind to the appointment, they already kind of know you! Don’t let your clients go on a blind date!

    Life As A Hairstylist

    Q: What's your specialty service you offer? Blonding? Color? Color Correction?
    A: This is a tough one, because I’m that stylist that loves all of it. I would say Balayage and Color Corrections. I can do a balayage any day and any time of the week, I love the low maintenance but high maintenance look. Plus it is so customizable for every client so it’s very creative. Color Corrections challenge me and I LOVE it. Seeing that client be so happy afterwards, makes all those hours worth it.

    Q: What salon do you work in?
    A: I work at Mane & Co Hair Lounge in Glastonbury, CT!

    Q: What do you find most rewarding about being a stylist?
    A: Hands down, the connection I have with my clients. Even if I did their hair once, I’ll remember them. It’s a very trusting relationship for someone to put their appearance in my hands, and I never take that for granted. So being honest with them and working with them, that smile and happiness during and after, is the best reward for me.

    Q: What do you enjoy most about working in your salon?
    A: It is my home away from home. All the stylists I work with all deeply care for our profession and clients, which is admirable in my eyes. As well as the owner, Melissa Sharkevich, making it a warm, open, and pleasant environment for all of us.

    Q: What advice do you have for your fellow stylist, followers, and people you inspire?
    A: When I was young, my dance teacher would always say, “Practice, practice, practice.” Whatever you do for work or a passion, keep going. There is always room for improvement and growth. Those words have been installed in my head ever since, and I hope it can inspire others as well.

    Q: Is there anything else you would like to share?
    A: You have a thought or question, feel free to message me on Instagram or comment on a post. I do my best to always respond to everything!

    The Passion

    Q: Who inspires you?
    A: My boyfriend, Max. He inspires me in everything I do. He pushes me into becoming a better person but also a better stylist. He has taught me a lot in setting boundaries and having a work/life balance. Having such a supportive person by my side is inspiring in itself, and I am so grateful for that. If he believes in me then I should believe in me too.

    Q: Who is someone you admire, and why?
    A: I admire my parents. They have always been hardworking, passionate, and devoted people. I try my best everyday to have those characteristics.

    Q: What is a cause you are passionate about?
    A: I am very passionate about mental health awareness. Personally, I deal with ADHD, OCD, Depression, and Tourette's Syndrome. Growing up it was difficult for me to ‘fit in’, but I learned to cope. I always wished I had someone to talk to but I bottled a lot, out of fear. Today, I’m grateful that I can be that someone for: my clients’, followers, friends, and family. I’ve had many heart to heart conversations with my clients and it means a lot to them that someone can just listen and be there for them.

    Q: What inspired you to become a hairstylist?
    A: I have always been interested in hair and makeup. My mom jokes about how when I was two years old, I stole her red L’oreal lipstick from her purse and somehow put it on my lips perfectly. As I got older, I did dance, acting, and musical theater. I had to learn about stage makeup and hair and the interest just grew over time. Eventually I decided to go to cosmetology school for it and now I never “work” a day in my life.

    A Positive Impact

    Q: What mark or impact do you want to make in this industry?
    A: I strive to do the best I can, to maybe one day be the voice that changes this stigma where stylists can’t ask each other things. I LOVE it when a stylist comments or messages me, “Hey how did you edit this video?”, “What did you use?”, etc. I want my instagram to be that community where others can share suggestions and ask questions with no shame or fear of being annoying. I never had that kind of place to go to. Most of the time I just had to learn on my own.

    Q: What do you love most about this industry?
    A: The never ending education keeps me on my toes! I love how this industry is constantly changing and progressing for better techniques, methods, color, etc. Especially with my ADHD, I get excited to learn something I haven’t tried or thought of before.

    Q: What legacy do you want to leave behind?
    A: I never thought that I could have the chance to leave a legacy behind. If anything, I would want to leave a positive change and inspire as many people as I can.

    Q: Short term goal you would like to achieve?
    A: I would like to get another certification and or take a class soon!

    Q: Long term goal. Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?
    A: I got my first nominations this year for The Masters of Balayage Awards and Behind The Chair One Shot Awards, so I am determined to win an award within the next 3 to 5 years!

    Words Of Advice

    Q: What is one thing that you like to share with your followers? One is one piece of advice you can share that will help them grow personally and professionally?
    A: Do not be afraid to message me questions! If you need advice or have a question on anything, my DM’s are always open! If I’m able to share whatever tips or tricks that can help you, I am all for it! Never feel like you are bothering me or anything, it’s humbling you would want to reach out!

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