Meet Our Color Pigment Refresher Masks.

Get to know all about our most colorful launch yet.

Color Pigment Refresher

What It Is

Meet our Color Pigment Refreshers. These semi-permanent temporary color masks are infused with color-retaining extracts of quinoa and soothing sweet almond oil to keep your color lasting longer and your hair looking shinier.

Created, Tested, Loved & Backed by PRO’s to maintain and amplify the current color of your strands in between salon visits and/or try something new in 5 different shades. 


Lasts Up To 20 Washes

For Hair Levels 8 - 10

Quinoa Extract & Sweet Almond Oil

Kael's Vibrant Pink Transformation

Meet our Creative Graphic Designer, Kael. We luv the Vibrant Pink Color Pigment Refresher Mask on him!

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Packed with Superfoods

Sweet Almond Oil & Quinoa Extract

Find Out Why

Five shades to dip your strands into.

Meet the lineup.

Smokey Blue

Vibrant Pink

Fiery Red

Chocolate Brown

Jet Black


There's more than meets the eye with our newest line.

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